1. The Charles S. Roberts Awards shall be given annually to honor outstanding achievements in the wargaming hobby and to honor other achievements as provided for in these rules and approved by the Charles S. Roberts (CSR) Board of Governors.
  2. Awards shall be announced publicly after August 31, 2022
  3. Awards in the form of a certificate shall be conferred annually for the following achievements to the publisher and designer/graphics artist/developer or individual of each category. Miniatures games can be nominated for eligible categories, other than computer games.

Milieu Awards

  1. Ancients to Medieval Era Board Wargame Wargames set from before Antiquity to the Middle Ages through 1453.
  2. Early Gunpowder Board Wargame Renaissance, Sengoku Jidai, 18th Century, Post-1453 AD to 1793 Wargames set after 1453 to 1793
  3. Napoleonic Board Wargame Wargames set in the Napoleonic Wars era between 1793 and 1815 and involving Napoleon or one of his Marshals.
  4. Late Gunpowder to Pre-World War 1 (Excluding American Civil War and Napoleonic War) Era Board Wargame Wargames set after 1793 up to World War I , excluding the American Civil War and the Napoleonic Wars involving Napoleon or one of his Marshals.
  5. American Civil War Board Wargame Wargames set in the American Civil War 1861-1865
  6. World War 1 Era Board Wargame Wargames set between 1914 and Spanish Civil War
  7. World War 2 Era Board Wargame Wargames set in the period of World War 2
  8. Modern Era Board Wargame Wargames set after World War 2, Cold War, Hypothetical conflicts after World War 2
  9. Science-Fiction or Fantasy Board Wargame Wargames set in a science fiction or fantasy setting

Format Awards

  1. Solitaire/Cooperative Board Wargame Wargame designed to be played by one or more players in cooperative or with a dedicated solitaire experience
  2. Magazine Board Wargame Wargame published or distributed with a wargame magazine
  3. Expansion or Supplement for an Existing Board Wargame Wargame that is a supplement to an existing wargame and not a stand-alone game on its own and requires the base game.
  4. Playing Components Graphical, presentation and visual interface of a wargame’s playing components and player’s aids except for the map/playing surface and the rules.
  5. Map Graphics Graphical and physical presentation of a wargame’s playing surface or board
  6. Rules Complete presentation of a wargame’s rules
  7. Cover Art Artwork for a wargame’s front and back exterior
  8. Computer Game Award
  9. Computer Wargame Computer wargame that is played primarily on a computer.

Publication and Broadcast Awards

  1. Wargame Magazine Wargame magazine that is published regularly in print or online
  2. Individual Historical, Scenario Analysis, or Book (Provide Link to Article or Podcast or publication, or book) One specific article analyzing the history within a wargame, interview, or a new scenario for an existing wargame in print or web format. A single episode or article that was published in the last year.
  3. Game Review, analysis website, webcast, or podcast Wargame review or analysis website, webcast, or podcast. Not necessarily a single episode, though single episodes can be nominated and count as a vote for a website. Voting for more than 1 episode will only count as 1 vote for a website, webcast or podcast.

Individual Awards

  1. Wargame of the Year Best wargame of the year, excluding reprints and reissue
  2. James F. Dunnigan Design Elegance Award Wargame or person that has made the most impact in the past year.
  3. Clausewitz Award HALL OF FAME* Individual who has made significant contributions to the wargame industry who has not been previously awarded.
  4. Charles S. Roberts Best New Designer Individual or team of designers whose 1st or 2nd published wargame design was released during the year

* May not be awarded every year


  1. Eligibility for CSR Awards consideration is subject to Rules Two and Three, and to those special rules approved by the Board of Governors that follow.
  2. All eligible board and computer wargames released and delivered to a purchaser in the calendar year of the awards between January 1 and December 31. To be released, a board and computer wargame must be available to be purchased and delivered or downloaded to a purchaser by December 31 of the solar year preceding the award assignment.


  1. The Award year runs from January 1 to December 31 of the year preceding the awards. For example, for the 2021 awards, the Award year is January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.
    There will be two rounds of voting for all categories except noted above.
  2. Ballots can be submitted beginning on May 1, 2022 through June 30, 2022 by the online submission form at:
  4. Voting on all achievements shall be limited to one vote per person.
  5. All voters will register their email and physical address. This information will only be used to verify voter eligibility and will not be used for any other purpose.
  6. By submitting a vote, you are consenting to having the CSR Committee contact you for identity verification as necessary.
  7. Each voter can submit up to 3 games/individuals per award category. Duplicate nominations within a category are not permitted. You cannot nominate the same game/individual more than once per category.
  8. It is the voter’s responsibility to ensure they vote for eligible games. Any ineligible games either because of illegibility, of category mismatch or year of release will be discarded.
  9. The CSR Board of Governors will have the final determination upon interpretation of a ballot’s votes.
  10. Up to the top 5 vote recipients in each category will be known as the Charles S. Roberts Awards Nominees.
  11. A second round of voting will be conducted for all categories which will name its winner as the top vote recipient and the next 4 highest vote recipients as the nominees for that category
  12. For the Clausewitz Award, the top vote recipients will form a short list, which will be augmented as necessary to create a list for a second round of voting. The number to form the short list will be dependent upon the number of entries.
  13. The CSR Board of Governors reserves the right to not make an award for any category.